WhyteSpyder Releases SKU Ninja Video Upload Tool for Walmart.com Product Pages

2019-03-22 12:29:38

-New SaaS simplify ecommerce rich media publishing for Walmart suppliers-


Fayetteville digital merchandising company WhyteSpyder released a new tool within its proprietary SaaS SKU Ninja for uploading videos to Walmart.com product detail pages on Thursday. The Video Upload Tool allows users to upload, publish, and manage videos directly to existing product pages.


The new Video Upload Tool can be accessed with a simple 3-step process via WhyteSpyder’s streamlined video landing page. The website uses a fully transparent real-time bulk pricing calculator to allow users to select the number of item pages and videos they need. No contract is required, and the process is designed to be intuitively self-serve. After receiving a SKU Ninja login, Walmart suppliers just need an item list to get started.


“Our commitment to innovation and automation allows us to offer simple solutions that follow Walmart’s Every Day Low Cost philosophy,” said Roger Dickey, Chief Technology Officer at WhyteSpyder. “The goal with this tool is to save human time, manage the chaos, and quickly and easily get rich media off of suppliers’ plates.”


WhyteSpyder, as a Walmart-certified Connected Content Partner, has worked closely with the retailer to create specialized tools for Walmart ecommerce. Walmart leadership is pushing suppliers to upload videos to their product detail pages as part of the retailer’s efforts to optimize ecommerce shopper experience. 


“At Walmart, our purpose is to allow customers to Save Money and Live Better. The efforts that WhyteSpyder have taken to live to this philosophy and enable our suppliers is incredible,” said Frank Ogura, Senior Manager of Content Acquisition at Walmart. “It elevates product pages and our customer experience by exposing them to enhanced content to actually experience the product versus blindly purchasing online.” 


SKU Ninja is WhyteSpyder’s proprietary ecommerce technology that automatically tracks product page performance statistics and assessing content effectiveness. The software also features content management systems, including the new video upload tool. Howerton says that the video upload tool is the latest demonstration of WhyteSpyder’s ability to create disruptive, innovative technologies to make life easier for ecommerce professionals. 


“With this tool, we’re focused on simplifying the rich media experience for Walmart suppliers,” said Eric Howerton, WhyteSpyder’s co-founder and CEO. “Omnichannel isn’t easy— it can seem impossible to keep up with your item-level content across all of your product pages. Our job is to help make the chaos less complicated for Walmart suppliers.”


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About WhyteSpyder:WhyteSpyder helps retailers and brands increase sales by listening, understanding and speaking to omnishoppers through custom technology, software, strategy and content creation. Winner of The Better Business Bureau’s 2018 Torch Awards for Ethics, the company works with leading companies including Walmart, Champion Labs, Reckitt Benckiser and AMG-Asia.


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