Bovee and Thill Disrupt Business Education with the First Business Communication Textbook That Prepares Students to Face the Challenges of Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Technologies

2019-03-20 12:28:47

The digital transformation sweeping through business is creating a host of new communication tools and techniques, including artificial intelligence and intelligent technologies. Courtland Bovee and John Thill are the first college textbook authors to cover these tools in a business communication textbook. For more than 30 years, Bovée & Thill have consistently led the way with every major revolution in business communication, starting with the shift from print to digital, followed by the growth of social media, the rise of mobile communication, and now the emergence of artificial intelligence. Ever so often, a truly disruptive technology causes major changes to business communication. The changes affect the field on such a grand scale that it requires major revisions to business communication textbooks. Artificial intelligence is this type of disruptive technology, but Bovee and Thill have responded by providing exclusive, ground-breaking coverage in Excellence in Business Communication, 13th Edition. A new four-page magazine-style feature, “Empowering Communicators with Intelligent Communication Technology,” shows 15 applications of artificial intelligence and smart technology. Highlight boxes take a close look at these innovations: • Taskbots and virtual teammates • Real-time voice translation • Automated storytelling • Augmented writing tools • Chatbots • Text mining • Resume bots • AI-assisted recruiting and interviewing • Blind auditions Courtland Bovee said, “Because a growing number of companies are using AI for recruiting and interviewing, instructors should be preparing students to encounter artificial intelligence in the job search process, for example.” Business communication instructors who don’t recognize now that artificial intelligence should be fully covered in their textbook and be a central part of their course will rapidly experience the declining relevancy of their course to today’s students. “Artificial intelligence will be more transformative than the PC and the Internet. Augmented writing, cognitive automation, text mining, augmented reality apps—these capabilities that were once the stuff of science fiction are becoming everyday business tools,” says John Thill. This text is in a class by itself. Someday every business communication textbook will cover intelligent technologies and artificial intelligence, but there’s one textbook that covers them now: Excellence in Business Communication, 13th Edition.

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