Professional Development for Moms!

2019-03-15 12:38:49

The most important job in the world has received very little professional development, until now.

Mom and professional life coach, Dale Wilsher, has just published a new book, What’s Your Mom Type? Discovering God’s Design for You to provide moms with the training, insight, and empowerment needed to parent out of their greatest strengths and embrace their authentic selves. Whether you are a Connecter, Stabilizer, Improver, or Doer mom type you’ll find yourself shouting “Yes!” over and over as you understand the “why” behind what you do and the distinction inherent in your design. Take the Mom Quiz @


Based on the DISC personality model, this book is a practical resource for both the working mom and the stay-at-home mom, in the daily battle against discouragement and comparison, to inspire her to realize her full potential and see herself as God does, in all her wonder and beauty. Quick and easy, yet deep and insightful, What’s Your Mom Type?  will affirm and encourage every mom to be the best she can be.


Chapters include each mom type’s top five strengths and challenges, emotional trigger, and self-care needs. Also included is a description of what each mom type uniquely reflects about God and the most important activity for her spiritual development. 

“I’ve read other personality books and this is one of the best!” Sherise Marinich, mom of four

“For maybe the first time in nine years of mothering, I feel like I understand my strengths and challenges in a way I never have before.”  Hannah, Amazon book review

About the Author 

Dale Wilsher is a professional life and strength coach, national motivational speaker, and DISC personality trainer with a passion for empowering authenticity in women. Though you’d never take her for a former science geek, Dale has a bachelor’s degree in Invertebrate Zoology from the University of Georgia and worked in microbiology and medical sales before hanging up her briefcase for full- time motherhood. These days Dale and her four daughters make their home in the suburbs of Boulder, Colorado and rejoice over the fact that she no longer runs an Airbnb out of their basement. 

What’s Your Mom Type? is available on Amazon as a paperback and Kindle ebook. Dale is available for radio interviews, podcasts, and speaking events. Contact her at [email protected]

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