BG Bridal Gallery Unveils Wedding Curation Platform

2019-03-14 18:44:13

BG Bridal Gallery unveils an online platform that curates wedding blogs through an RSS-style feed. A part of the global corporation NSTBG group of companies, BG Bridal Gallery allows soon-to-weds in the U.S. and globally to discover timely, relevant content on the website. Once they click on a story, they will be redirected to the featured publisher’s domain, so they can read the full article.


BG Bridal Gallery syndicates articles with wedding tips, romantic real weddings, up-to-date wedding inspirations, and even sage advice on life beyond getting married. In particular, couples can browse wedding themes or motifs and venue ideas. Brides can get inspiration on wedding dresses or bridesmaid gowns, while grooms can get ideas on engagement rings and suits. They can also find planning do’s and don’ts, anecdotes, and other helpful wedding ideas.


Featuring Credible, High-Authority Wedding Blogs

 BG Bridal Gallery’s content comes from the RSS feed of various publishers. Among its pioneer featured blogs are A Practical Wedding, Wedding Chicks, Elegance & Simplicity, Wedding Inspirasi, and NST Pictures. The feed is updated on a daily basis with content from these valued contributors.


“Eventually, we envision BG Bridal Gallery to have everything a bride or groom could possibly look for in terms of wedding preparation,” says Nishie Fernandez, Head of Marketing at NSTBG. “Engaged couples don’t have to visit multiple sites, which adds to the long list of planning tasks for their wedding. They can check out the latest trends and view the most creative ideas in one site: BG Bridal Gallery.”


Curate Your Own Feed, Plan Your Wedding on the Go

Through BG Bridal Gallery’s “My Feed” function, brides and grooms can follow specific blogs of their choice. They can share the stories they like on their social media feeds or even add them on their Pinterest wedding boards. If they’re busy upon coming across a blog or maybe an inspiring real wedding that interests them, they can always bookmark the blog and come back to it later on.


“We hope to feature more blog publishers and even wedding vendors in the near future, so we can better address the needs and interests of our audience,” explains Nishie. “It can be a mutually beneficial arrangement for our featured blogs—we’re able to update our feed with fresh content, while the featured blogs get quality traffic from our domain.”


Working with world-class developers and utilizing data and trends across NSTBG’s global headquarters, BG Bridal Gallery aims to improve its services further and diversify the platform’s features. Nishie notes, “We have a lot more in store for engaged couples and the wedding industry this year, and we’re thrilled to share those innovations soon.”


ABOUT BG Bridal Gallery

BG Bridal Gallery is a one-stop wedding planning guide where couples can discover wedding ideas. We are a wedding curation platform, where we feature wedding blogs from credible, high-authority sources. We also feature romantic real weddings, advice for couples before and after getting married, and more.


Brides in the U.S. and globally will be able to discover content on the platform and will be redirected to the website to read the full article. Need budget advice or dreamy wedding inspirations? Curious about wedding trends, bridal hairstyles, and other wedding planning tips? Get them all in one place—BG Bridal Gallery.


A global corporation founded in Japan, the NSTBG group of companies centers on wedding film production, web platform services, and entertainment services. Our brands are as follows: NST Pictures, BG Bridal Gallery, Chamojiand Game News Ninja. Our management philosophy is as follows: "We strive to improve the quality of life of our employees, as well as customer satisfaction and contributions to the community."

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