5 Ways To Maximize Your In Person Connections

2019-03-19 12:03:55

No matter how “online” your business is, personal connections are the way to accelerate your personal as well as professional growth. But in this day and age of online everything, most entrepreneurs fail to maximize their personal connections and instead fail to connect.


Apple Tv’s Brandpreneur™ Network wants to change all that. #Mogul week is a week’s worth of live streaming content designed to help entrepreneurs get out of their own ways and have the influence as well as income they deserve.


Together with Amy Lokken with Mud Modular (https://mudmodular.com/ ) is a master at helping entrepreneurs maximize these in person connections from networking to trade shows, to speaking on stage. And she is sharing her top 5 ways that anyone can maximize their in person connections.


“In person connections create trust, loyalty, and perceived expertise faster than any online relationship ever could,” says Lokken “Yet, many entrepreneurs fail to connect because they simply lack the skills to overcome their fears and the know how to create meaningful relationships fast.”


#MogulWeek is available for viewing live #Mogul Week goes live on March 19th at 8pm est and can be seen LIVE on Brandpreneur™ Network’s Facebook Page. While the broadcast recordings will be available on  Apple Tv’s Brandpreneur™ Network as well as Roku, Android TV and Amazon Fire the next day.

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