Why “Making It” Doesn’t Mean It Will Make You Happy

2019-03-18 11:39:13

It is our human nature to want it all, but yet when we “have it” most of us fail to enjoy, appreciate, or savor the blessings that have come our way. And for entrepreneurial women, this is even more the case. From mommyhood to making the money, “making it” rarely ever means a life filled with rainbows and unicorns.


Apple Tv’s Brandpreneur™ Network (https://brandpreneurtv.co/ ) wants to change all that. #Mogul week is a week’s worth of live streaming content designed to help entrepreneurs get out of their own ways and have the influence as well as income they deserve.


Together with Ali Craig, 20 year branding expert and entrepreneur, three widely and internationally successful female entrepreneurs sit down to  have a real roundtable discussion about what it means to truly “have it all.” Sharing with the audience the truth about what success really looks and feels like.


“After working with thousands of successful, affluent, women over my career, the truth is that ‘having it all’ and ‘making it’ doesn’t look or feel like many imagine,” says Craig “With our roundtable discussion we look to share the truth so that women can truly enjoy their success and stop wondering if this is really it.”


#MogulWeek is available for viewing live #Mogul Week goes live on March 18th at 8pm est and can be seen LIVE on Brandpreneur™ Network’s Facebook Page. While the broadcast recordings will be available on  Apple Tv’s Brandpreneur™ Network as well as Roku, Android TV and Amazon Fire the next day.

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