The Five Most Common Mistakes Professional Women Make When Pursuing Their Goals

2019-03-18 11:38:58

Women are the growing force in today’s modern economy, but this powerhouse of change isn’t always as successful as their male counterparts. Why is that?


Because if what we were truly taught by our parents, teachers, and all of those “self-help” gurus really worked, we would have what our hearts, heads, and bank accounts desire. But let’s face it, what we were taught DOESN’T work. From following the patterns of our parents, former bosses, and the experts at large- a woman’s desire to be the best is largely used against her in today’s male driven workforce, but that doesn’t have to be the case.


Sylvia Becker-Hill, founder of the Becker-Hill Women’s Empowerment School (, with her 20 years of hands on knowledge of working with female leaders from around the world will share the top 5 most common mistakes professional women make when pursuing their goals - and how to fix them.


“Let’s stop the cycle of failure and step into a life filled with Evelutionary™ success.” says Becker-Hill.


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