Swift Biosciences Launches Swift Amplicon 16S+ITS Panel, Answering Long-Awaited Need for Comprehensive, Rapid Coverage of Metagenomic Sequences by NGS

2019-01-16 14:14:11

(ANN ARBOR, Mich. – January 16, 2019) Swift Biosciences today announced the launch of its Swift Amplicon 16S+ITS Panel, facilitating routine NGS analysis of complex microbial samples (e.g. bacteria, archaea, fungi) using a single, multiplexed primer pool targeting the 16S rRNA gene (all variable regions, V1-V9) and ITS1 and ITS2 for fungi. With a comprehensive yet targeted library approach in a single-tube assay, the panel enriches the sequences used for identifying the structure of a microbial community in a format optimized for NGS.

“This kit will save costs and time, and it produces better data than homebrew and other available 16S methods” said Drew McUsic, PhD, Swift’s Product Manager. “Our amplicon chemistry generates excellent sequencing quality without the need for PhiX spike-ins and shows equivalent performance with 2x150 reads vs. 2x300. In addition, by leveraging all 16S rRNA gene variable regions, this method maximizes sensitivity to detecting the presence and relative abundance of various community members.”

This new product includes primers, PCR reagents, and dual indexed adapters for converting the genetic material of a metagenomic community into Illumina®-compatible libraries in a 2-hour workflow.

  • Profiles complex metagenomic samples
    • Multiplexed assay covers all variable regions of the 16S rRNA gene, ITS1 and ITS2 in a single primer pool
  • Solves sequencing complexity problems
    • Unique amplicon chemistry generates diverse clusters without PhiX or phased primers, recovering up to 25% of reads
  • Saves costs
    • Flexibility with Illumina® sequencers and read lengths (2x150 or 2x300)
  • Fast workflow, high quality data
    • From DNA to Illumina® compatible libraries within 2 hours

The Swift Amplicon 16S+ITS Panel is currently available in a 48-reaction kit size, with 8x12 combinatorial dual indexing for multiplexing up to 96 samples per MiSeq® run. Data may be processed using commonly available tools including the Illumina® BaseSpace® 16S Metagenomics and ITS Metagenomics app, as well as open-source tools such as RDPtools and MOTHUR. A 96-reaction kit with indexed adapters for multiplexing up to 384 samples will be available soon for higher throughput users.

Applications and Sample Types:

  • Input of 1 ng recommended, with sequenceable yields attainable from 10 pg to 50 ng depending on sample type
  • Optimized for detection and characterization of bacteria and fungi in complex samples
  • Metagenomics: Bacteria, Archaea, Fungi
  • Environmental: Air, Water, Wastewater
  • Agriculture: Plant microbiome, Soil – ITS for fungal
  • Microbiome: Human – skin, GI tract, stool, vagina, Plant – surface, roots and soil
  • Forensics: Microbiome to establish time of death

For more information, visit SwiftBioSci.com and follow Swift Biosciences on Twitter (@SwiftBioSci)

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