2019-01-14 10:56:44

As the government enters the longest shutdown in U.S. history, paychecks are on hold for about 800,000 federal employees forced to go on unpaid leave or work without pay since Dec. 22. In Central Florida, one city is stepping up to help.


The City of Groveland, Fla., announced earlier this week that it will defer all city utility fees and will not disconnect nor charge a late fee for employees of any closed federal agencies during the current furlough.


City Manager Mike Hein said that the City Council and staff will continue to monitor the situation as the shutdown continues to see about the future needs of residents who are employed by a federal agency impacted by the furlough.


Any residents who are currently impacted, and wish to have their payments deferred, are asked to bring verification of their employment to the Groveland City Hall at 156 S. Lake Avenue.


“Groveland has always been a community of caring neighbors, and we are offering this compassionate assistance in that spirit,” Hein said.


The announcement on the city's Facebook page drew dozens of appreciative comments.


"God bless my city for having a kind, compassionate heart," read one post.


Another post was from the family of a federal prison worker.


"Thank you. My family is one of many that have been affected by the shutdown."


Any Groveland residents who have questions about the utility payment deferment can call 352-429-2141 ext. 239.

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