Self-Massage Techniques To Do At Your Desk

2019-01-14 10:24:25

Getting a soothing and effective massage doesn’t cost much. About 88% of therapy consumers in America agree that massage can be effective in reducing pain.

With the appropriate self-massage technique, you can give yourself that soothing massage your body yearns for after a period of long work, even right there on your desk and in that brief break time at the office. 

Don’t be flustered! Self-massage isn’t something unheard of neither is it difficult to do. However, there are different techniques with which you can self-massage yourself. 

These techniques are all sufficient, impressive and effortless, and when rightly applied to that part of your body that badly needs a massage, it is pretty sure that you are going back to work refreshed, strengthened and fired up for more productivity.

Below are the different techniques with which you can massage yourself for back pain, neck pain, and face pain.


Self-massage techniques for back pain

1. Technique for upper back pain

You have to get a tennis ball within reach, then place it between your left shoulder blade and your spine while you stand against the wall during your break time. Then, you have to press your back into the ball gently, and move your back up and down on the tennis ball. Repeat these steps for a while with the tennis ball remaining at the position until you feel relieved.

2. Technique for lower back pain

You have to clear your desk to follow these steps or better still lie on a nice cum neat material on the floor where your clothes won't be ruffled. Then get a tennis ball handy as you rest your back on the floor with your legs spread out while the tennis ball is placed left of the corner along the intersection of your spine and pelvis. Then, carefully roll horizontally on the tennis ball out toward and from your hip severally and vertically from your pelvis up to your rib cage and back down severally. Go over these steps for a while with the tennis ball remaining assuming those positions until you feel relieved.

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Self-massage techniques for neck pain

1. Technique for upper back of the neck

Get two to three scarves, whirl them to form a thick braid-like shape. Then, extend the braided scarves to stretch and place them right behind your neck, with each hand on one end. Carefully rub the braided scarves up and down the back of your neck till you are relieved. Repeat these steps as often as you want to soothe the pain.

2. Technique for the side of the neck

Gently hold the back of your neck with one hand. Place the heel of your hand into the space below your skull and wrap your fingers around the opposite side of your neck. Carefully squeeze and add pressure with the hell of your hand. Stroll your hand down your neck gently till it meets your shoulder. Go over these steps severally and gently stretch out, and tilt your neck to end the process. 


Self-massage techniques for face massage

1. Technique for forehead

With your face neatly washed and toweled, simultaneously massage both sides of your forehead with a broad circular motion. Start near your temples and drift gently toward the middle of your forehead, then back out to the sides. Repeat the steps severally until you are satisfied. 

2. Technique for sides of the face

Still with the broad circular motion, move along the sides of your jaw, over your cheekbones, directly past the corners of your mouth, and next to your nostrils. Gently push your skin up and out as to ease the pain. Repeat the steps severally until you soothe the pain.

3. Technique for eye area of the face

Gently place your fingers at the arch of your brows. Carefully move them below your eyes, sweep them across the outside corners of your eyes, and conclude it with your fingers at the edge of the corners of your eyes. Repeat the steps severally until you relieve the stress built upon in that region.

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If you cannot remember all the techniques, don't' worry, just download this infographic and save it to your phone. Many thanks to Stewart Higgins from Massage Chairs Expert for making this infographic.


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