HD Imaging from GE – World’s First in a 3D Measurement-enabled Video Borescope

2019-01-14 10:24:47

Berg Engineering has begun sales of GE’s high definition, defect-detecting 3D measurement-enabled video borescopes with the Mentor Visual iQ HD VideoProbe™. This new technology takes inspections to a whole new level with the addition of high-definition (HD) imaging technology. This world-first development will increase your asset uptime and reduce costs by enabling quicker but more accurate internal inspections.

Save money with faster and more efficient remote visual inspections!

Borescopes have become essential for non-destructive testing (NDT), especially in the aerospace, power generation and oil and gas industries. They allow you to inspect components, welds and material surfaces inside structures like engines, turbines, combustion chambers and pipelines without having to disassemble them.

GE’s Mentor Visual iQ HD VideoProbe™ brings you a package of technological advances including TrueSight™ HD visual inspection, and Real3D™ 3D measurement, visualization and analysis. You can now see clearer, sharper video and still images, zoom in on small features without rapid pixelation, and scan and measure larger areas at greater distances.

Time and effort are also saved by features such as versatile QuickChange™ probes and optical tip adapters, an intuitive interface and easy menu-directed inspection (MDI) processes.

With improved clarity, accuracy and efficiency, you can make better-informed and faster decisions – avoiding costly asset failure and minimizing downtime.

To learn more about the Mentor Visual iQ HD’s capabilities and how to integrate it into your inspection applications, register for our upcoming webinar by clicking here or contact Berg Engineering at 847-577-3980 or email [email protected].

About Berg: Berg Engineering has been serving engineering industries with GE and remote visual inspection products since 1969, including sales and comprehensive support to the NDT, RVI, material testing and metallographic sample preparation equipment sectors.

Berg has maintained strong customer relationships for over 50 years, built on providing world-leading inspection solutions, a large rental fleet and great service. Its technical staff is factory trained and certified by GE, offers a full range of on-site training, preventative maintenance and free guidance.

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