The Critical Mistake Most Entrepreneurs Make

2019-01-14 10:25:06

Entrepreneurs by nature are doers, creators, and action-oriented people. Yet far too often this “go-getter” attitude gets entrepreneurs in trouble because they take action before they take thought on “how” to best execute.


The number 1 thing that stops entrepreneurs in their tracks is the simple fact that they are unclear how success looks like to them. An entrepreneur must know what success looks like to them before they start the how of achievement or nothing meaningful will be accomplished.


And when mini success doesn’t happen on a consistent basis it is far too easy to fall into old work and sales patterns to be constantly trying the next thing, the next idea, and the next business fad. When entrepreneurs fail to properly plan the “how” they simply fail to launch.


In this month’s digital and print issues of EmpiHER® Magazine, available online and on newsstands now, the experts deep dive into how to execute with intention, purpose, and always with the results of profit.


“This month we are sharing with you new ways, thoughts, and methods on how to be committed to your success and flexible on the how to get there. From your personal to your professional self. to your space- we are breaking down and getting real on what it takes to be successful.” says editor in chief Ali Craig, “Success looks so different to all of us and because of this how we go about achieving our goals should be too.”


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