From Flight Attendant to Millionaire - “Keeping Yourself Off of Autopilot”

2019-01-15 14:32:46

A Life-Changing Book by Kim R. Brownlee Will Make 2019 a Year of Achievement for the Reader!

 This must-read book will make 2019 your life-changing year in getting results in the five major areas of life: 

Money, Health, Success, Relationships, & Time Freedom.

Jan 8th, 2019. Los Angeles, CA – People want more! We have goals, ideas, and desires. Tired of wishing and wanting for a better New Year---people want RESULTS. Kim R. Brownlee provides just that with science and systems, not wishing and hoping. You can’t eat cookies and cupcakes and sculpt a lean body; it’s not the way the body works. The same thing goes with getting results---there’s a proven science and system that works every time, just like electricity does when you wire it right. 

“From Flight Attendant to Millionaire (Keeping Yourself Off of Autopilot)” has people become aware of how powerful they are, off of autopilot, and on a pathway to action steps and results.

Discover the Secrets to Success, Money, Confidence, and More…” are the keys Kim uncovers as she helps the reader find what they want, describe it with detail, and discover what it’s going to take to get it. A flight attendant for over 20 years and an entrepreneurial businesswoman, she is constantly asked the questions:

  • How do I get more money?
  • How can I create a business idea I have?
  • How can I get more confidence?
  • Why do other people have success but I struggle?

This book will take the reader through a step-by-step process to answer the questions that are unique to them. Every person is different, but the systems and answers are the same.

Why? Because the solutions are for human beings, not individuals. Just as electricity works for all, so do success principles.

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About Kim R. Brownlee:

With over a 20-year career as a flight attendant, Kim R. Brownlee lived most of her life at 35,000 feet. It gave her a different perspective, a different view on things. From that view, she created businesses and studied success, wealth, and scientific principles to get results faster, bigger, and better. Ms. Brownlee has a unique ability to take people from “I should, I could, I might” to “I am… I can… I will…”.

With entrepreneurial drive, Ms. Brownlee loves creating from nothing but an idea; a napkin concept. She has mastered the systems to get others results----*WILL YOU BE NEXT*?

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