How Much Does PRWeb Cost and How Promising is Their Distribution Service

2019-01-16 19:25:46

Getting exposure through press release distribution is easy but making a news viral is never an easy task. Recently, there has been a floodgate of companies who are claiming to have thousands of journalists and media outlets in their network. For someone who is new to the industry, it might seem very confusing.


One needs to consider several factors such as the quality and number of media outlets who are within the distribution network, and the number average pickups the press releases are getting, which are being distributed through a company. It will help to filter out companies who waste valuable time and hard-earned money.


PRWeb is one of the oldest press release distribution companies who are helping customers with their press release distribution. The company was founded on focuses solely on the distribution services.


There are four different distribution plans offered by PRWeb. The Basic, Standard, Advanced and the Premium PRWeb distribution which is guaranteed to make your press release “Go Viral”. These plans costs $99, $189, $289 & $389 subsequently. Customers get a placement on the PRWeb news section, a good backlink to have. Urgent press releases are subjected to a $99 fee on top of the distribution cost.


PRWeb pricing seems neatly organized, however, they do not provide any information regarding their distribution network or how many media outlets will be receiving or publishing the press release. This area seemed a bit grey which will be clear from the screenshots added below. These are some screenshots of recent PRWeb Customer Reviews and Google Search Result for press releases distributed by PRWeb:





* is another competitor of PRWeb who are dominantly providing the most effective and affordable press release distribution services which guarantee to have a massive outreach. Their Single PR distribution plans are priced by $69 - $299, depending on the choice of plan. The $129 Premium Pro PR Distribution plan ensures distribution to over 375 media outlets including top-tier media outlets like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, AP, Bloomberg etc.


With the experience that PRWeb has, it is expected from them to provide a better distribution service at cheaper prices. However, the reality is something different. On the other hand,

you can find the effectiveness of distribution services by visiting their News section and searching any press release on Google that is published within the past two weeks from the date. In order to get the best deal for your press release distribution, Click here.


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