What Makes PRDistribution.com More Effective & Cost Efficient Than PRWeb

2019-01-16 19:25:46

There are a large number of companies who are offering help businesses with their marketing campaign or sharing their news. However, it is quite difficult to choose a specific company for the distribution as there are numerous press release distribution companies to choose from. A press release distribution company that will provide the widest range of media outreach in a cheaper price is the wisest choice.

PRWeb and PRDistribution.com are two of the most recognized PR(Press Release) distribution companies in the current market. Both of them have helped thousands of companies with their press release distributions.

Cision is a large corporation who owns PRWeb. They have over 20 years of experience in the press release distribution industry solely focusing on providing distribution services. PRWeb customers can choose from the Basic, Standard, Advanced and the Premium Distribution plan which offers to make a press release “Go Viral”. The PRWeb pricing for single PR distribution is within $99 to $389, depending on the chosen distribution plan.

PRWeb will host every press release on their News section that can be used as a backlink. However, there is no mentioning of any viable information or about the number of media outlets the press releases get distributed to on their website. Moreover, PRWeb customers need to pay an additional $99 if they want to make their press release live on an urgent basis.


PRDistribution.com has been providing a better return on investment than PRWeb and most of the companies in the PR distribution industry. Not only they provide press release distribution services, but they also help with writing a press release and offer customers to use their own branding through the PRCopywriter and White Label Press Release distribution services.


The PRDistribution.com single press release distribution costs much cheaper than PRWeb, which is between $69 - $299 per PR distribution, depending on the chosen plan. They also place the PR’s in their own News section. Customers can choose from the Premium, Premium Pro and Premium Concierge distribution plan which guarantees distribution to over 400 media outlets including top-tier newswire such as AP, Bloomberg, ABC, Fox, CBS, NBC etc. All the plans come with the inclusion of Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Bing News etc. Moreover, the Monthly & Annual Subscribers can obtain lucrative discounts depending on the plan and number of PR’s in a Month/Year. For instance, customers can subscribe for 16 Premium PR’s in a month for only $560($35 each instead of $69) and save $544 a month.


By comparing PRWeb Pricing and clarity of service, PRDsitribution.com seems to be the wisest choice for people who are seeking effective press release distribution services at the cheapest price possible. For help regarding Writing a Press Release, Click Here!

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