A Review on PRWeb & PRDistribution.com

2019-01-16 19:25:46

The press release distribution industry is a highly competitive market. There are hundreds of press release distribution companies to choose from and the customers are often left confused while choosing the suitable service according to their needs.

PRWeb and PRDistribution.com are two leading press release distribution companies. Both the companies have helped over thousands of customers with their press releases. A brief introduction and a result of a research will be shown in this article.

PRWeb, known by most of the people who are related to the press release industry is owned by a large corporation named Cision. They offer single and bulk distribution services. PRWeb PR Distribution pricing starts from $99 to $389, the Basic to the Premium distribution plan which is supposed make your press release “Go Viral”. They require their customers to create an account on their website in order to submit a press release. Moreover, there is an additional $99 free for urgent press releases if you’re lucky enough to get a hold of their customer service team on live chat.

Some recent reviews on Trustpilot.com showed quite an upsetting feedback on PRWeb's PR distribution services. Here is the screenshot:



It can be the case that the reviews are from upset customers who had an exceptionally bad experience with PRWeb. In to order to have a closer look, we have done a research on some of the recently distributed press releases by PRWeb. The Google search using the PR headlines by PRWeb distributed on December 2018 had shown somewhat of a similar result that was described on the above reviews. Here are some screenshots of the Google search result out of many that were investigated:


PRDistribution.com is another leader of the industry who seem to have built a splendid reputation by providing a top-notch distribution service to their customers. They are known for their efficiency and exceptional customer experience.


Compared to PRWeb, their press releases get distributed to a vast number of media outlets. Starting from the Premium to Premium Concierge Distribution Plan, the pricing is between $69 - $299. The $129 Premium Pro Plan offers distribution to more than 375 media outlets including top-tier newswire such as AP, Bloomberg, Fox, ABC, CBS etc. Also, all of their distribution plans come with the inclusion of search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.


However, let's have a look at the same kind of research result on Google that was done using recently distributed PRDistribution.com Press releases. It showed a massive outcome of more than hundreds of results on the search result. Here are some screenshots:



From this brief review on PRWeb and PRDistribution.com, the latter seems to have won the battle in providing a world-class press release distribution service. PRDistribution.com will also help with writing your press release if you need assistance. For more information about their writing services, visit https://www.prdistribution.com/prcopywriter/

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