PRWeb: A Pride or a Disappointment to the Press Release Distribution Industry

2019-01-16 19:25:46

For over 20 years, PRWeb is a well-recognized name in the press release distribution industry who are owned by a large corporation named Cision. As seen on the news section of their website, they distribute an average of seventy press releases per day. Each of the press releases gets a permanent placement on the PRWeb website which is quite helpful to have as a backlink.


Some of the PRWeb competitors offer different categories of services related to press release distribution such as Press Release Writing and Private Label Press Releases. However, PRWeb emphasizes only on providing press release distribution services.


PRWeb offers four different PR distribution packages from the Basic to Premium Press release distribution services where they guarantee a press release to “Go Viral”. The prices are from $99 to $389 depending on the selected plan. There is an additional $99 fee for urgent distributions within a 4-hour deadline which can be a bit hard to achieve since the chat agents are quite hard to reach through the PRWeb website.


Making a press release viral, to general people, would surely mean that they will see their press release on hundreds of media outlets. A research was done on press releases distributed by PRWeb from their News section. The Google search result showed something which might be hard to believe given the experience PRWeb has and the number of customers they have served throughout the past 20 years.


Patti Burton’s Newly Released “Charley’s Trail” is an Entertaining Children’s Book About Spreading Jesus’ Love to All Those in Need” is a press release headline that was distributed by PRWeb on December 2018. Below is the screenshot of the actual press release and the Google search result for it:



White Oaks Wealth Announces Forbes Turns to Sharon Bloodworth for Perspective on Brick and Mortar this Holiday Season” is another Press Release distributed on the same month by PRWeb and here is the screenshot of the actual press release and the Google Search Result like the previous one:




From the above screenshots, it can be clearly seen that PRWeb is failing to uphold their reputation. The number and the quality of the PRWeb distribution network seem very low and poor. People are losing faith in the press release distribution industry by getting these kinds of disappointing result.


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