PRWeb Coupon Code Exposed

2019-01-16 19:25:46

PRWeb is one of the leading press release distribution companies. They often offer some coupon codes worth of 10-15% discount through sites like and Dealcatcher. People who are looking for affordable prices on press release distribution might get allured by these bargains. However, a thorough research shows that PRWeb might not be a good option in terms of cost-effectiveness.

The distribution plans by PRWeb costs from $129 - $369. However,  PRWeb customers still need to pay a higher price than that of their competitors in the industry are offering. Given the high cost, they should be able to provide a massive outreach.

In order to get a more high-quality distribution, PRNewswire is a nice choice and they distribute releases to almost 300 media site. Global publicity company Cision own both PRWeb and PRNewswire. PRNewswire is mainly recognized by serving people with a high budget marketing strategy. It costs a $775 minimum per press release along with a $195 annual fee, as reported by their customers.

Besides, the customers have to create an account and log in each time they want to publish a press release, though there is no membership fee. The inbox of PRWeb clients might also get filled with spams. is another leader of the press release distribution industry. They charge $129 for their Premium Pro press release distribution service. With the Premium Pro Distribution plan, press releases get distributed to major news networks, such as ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and CW, as well as Bing and Google News. Links, images, and videos can be added without any additional cost. distributes 375 media sites and the sites are way more superior in compares to PRWeb's distribution list, at a fraction of the cost.

It appears that PRWeb might not be a good option even after offering a 10 -15% discount on their PR distribution plan, they fail to provide a satisfactory outcome. Whereas, is providing a better distribution service at a cheaper price.

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