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2019-01-16 19:25:46

The press release distribution company is very competitive and there are a lot of companies offering their this service free of charge. However, it’s often a difficult task to find a company that can actually provide mass outreach throughout the internet. If properly done, press release distribution is a great tool to boost up search engine visibility as well.

PRWeb is a press release distribution company who are in the business for many years now. They claim to make a press release “Go Viral” with their Premium Press release distribution plan that costs $389. They offer a permanent placement of the press release which can be quite useful as a backlink in the long run. All of PRWeb distribution plans guarantee increased visibility on search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing etc.

A research was done on some of the recent press releases distributed by PRWeb. The results found were quite surprising because most of them showed less than ten links on Google Search Engine. Here are two screenshots out of many press releases that were searched:
 is a leader in the press release distribution industry with over 15 years of experience in digital marketing. Their press release plans are Premium($69), Premium Pro($129) and the Premium Concierge PR Distribution($299) designed for creating a massive outreach through the concierge perpetual wire. Where PRWeb does not provide any understanding of the number of media outlets the press release will be distributed to, guarantees distribution to more than 400 media outlets with the Premium Concierge Distribution plan. Moreover, all distribution plans will result in a great deal of search engine visibility which that makes a good impact on SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

The same kind of research was done on some of the recently distributed press releases. The results showed hundreds of media outlet links and here are some screenshots of the Google search results:



From the above proof of results, it can clearly be concluded that even with years of experience, PRWeb is not quite effective in terms of having an impact on SEO., on the other hand, has proved themselves in making a huge impact on Search Engine Optimization. They are surely living up to their name of being “The Best SEO Tools of 2017”.

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