A New Rock Star Romance Novel That Will Reverberate Through Your Veins. Ripped – The Price of Loyalty by Tania Joyce

2018-08-03 12:00:00

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    BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA, August 03, 2018 -- Today sees the release of RIPPED – The Price of Loyalty, the fourth full-length novel by successful international author, Tania Joyce.

Following the success of her novels in the contemporary and new adult romance genres, Tania Joyce delivers the first book in her Everhide rock star romance series. RIPPED – The Price of Loyalty is a story of friendship, music, and undying loyalty and how hiding the truth can break more than hearts apart.

"RIPPED – The Price of Loyalty came about from my love of many genres of music, my crazy dreams and the songs my kids are learning to play on the guitar and piano. From AC/DC and The Screaming Jets, to One Direction, Harry styles and Shawn Mendes set on repeat in my house, their music certainly influenced some of the scenes in the story . . . and maybe a character or two," says Ms Joyce.

When asked why she writes romance, you see Ms Joyce's true passion and fire about her genre come to life. She says that more people, men and women, should read romance novels. There is too much crime and violence in the real world so why would you want to read about it? If more people read romance they'd learn how to deal with issues, learn how to treat people right, and know that falling in love is wonderful and worth fighting for – even if your heart has been broken. In Romance, there is something for everyone - from Action-Suspense, to Contemporary, to New Adult and more. And of course, rock stars!

"I love reading emotional books. The 'I'm in love with someone I can't have' storyline played a big part in creating RIPPED. I wrote the kind of book I love to read. One with powerful women who know what they want, are career-oriented and fight for what they love."

Ms Joyce combined her prior experience in marketing and event management in with many hours of research of what goes on behind the scenes in the entertainment industry and interviews with people in the music industry to create her realistic world. "It was an incredible journey to bring Kyle, Gemma and Hunter (the main characters) to life. I could write about rock stars forever."

Recent travels to the United States saw her visit Tribeca in New York and local friends took her out on the town.

"I love New York and I love writing about places I've visited. Google can only help so much. When you're on the ground, you get more perspective and detail – sight, sounds, smell - to add into your story. I'd go back to New York tomorrow if I could. I love it."

Goodread reviewers say that this book is "well written and flowed perfectly,", "a great start to the series,", "The pull and turmoil that Gemma is sucked through was felt deep into my bones, this authors writing is just outstanding and cannot wait for the next book in the series."

RIPPED – The Price of Loyalty is available in eBook and Print format at all major online retailers like Amazon, iBooks, Nook, Kobo and more. Visit http://books2read.com/ripped

For more information visit www.taniajoyce.com

About RIPPED – THE Price of Loyalty

Gemma Lonsdale sings lead alongside her two best friends, Kyle McIntyre and Hunter Collins, in world-famous rock band, Everhide. Her life in the public eye has had some humiliating outcomes and the paparazzi tracks their every move. Everything changes when Gemma develops feelings for one of her fellow band members.

One impetuous decision alters their lives forever. True love is hidden behind lies. Friendships are tested. Careers are at risk. What lengths will Gemma go to, to protect the band? Will more than music, loyalty and hearts be ripped apart?

About the Author

Published in 2015 with Momentum (Pan Macmillan) Tania Joyce writes contemporary and new adult romance novels. Her stories thread romance, drama and passion into beautiful locations ranging from the dazzling lights and glitter of New York, to the rural countryside of the Hunter Valley.

She's widely travelled, has a diverse background in the corporate world and has a love for sparkles, shoes and shiraz. Tania draws on her real-life experiences and combines them with her very vivid imagination to form the foundation of her novels. She likes to write about strong-minded, career-oriented heroes and heroines that go through drama-filled hell, have steamy encounters and risk everything as they endeavor to find their happy-ever-after.

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