Euroshield Announces World's First Hail Proof Roof Product

2018-08-03 12:00:00

Vermont Slate SC is warrantied for the first 20 years against hail impact damage caused by hail of any size.

Calgary, Canada, August 03, 2018 -- Euroshield roofing's new hail proof product set to battle summer hail storms.

Vermont Slate SC - the world’s first truly hail proof roofing material has just been unveiled by Euroshield® recycled rubber roofing products. G.E.M. Inc., the manufacturer of Euroshield® is proud to introduce a hail proof rubber roofing panel in the most realistic looking slate profile to date – Vermont Slate SC (solid core).

Vigorous impact testing conducted

Vermont Slate SC has been blasted with a four inch diameter frozen ice ball fired at speeds up to 411 mph and sustained no damage.

Using a custom built air cannon and speed measuring chronograph, it fired the 4” diameter simulated hail at speeds of 95mph at an uncovered 3/8” wood deck followed by an asphalt-shingled 3/8” deck. The 4” hail passed through both test decks. Testing then took place with the Vermont Slate on the same 3/8” wood deck, firing the 4” hail at 183mph, well beyond the typical terminal velocity of falling hail that size (approximately 100mph). No damage to the Vermont Slate SC panel was evident.

See for yourself...The 4” hail impact video is available for viewing on the Euroshield® homepage at

The Vermont Slate SC is the first roofing product to carry a hail damage warranty with no limit on the size of hail impacting the panel. G.E.M. Inc. warrants that the Vermont Slate SC panel will not be damaged by hail of any size impacting the panel for a period of 20 years from date of installation. Vermont Slate is UL2218 Class 4 Listed for impact...the highest rating available.

More information and warranty details can be found on the Euroshield® website at or call toll free (877) 387-7667.