Happy Healthy Retirees Launches Leading Edge Online Community For Baby Boomer Retirees

2019-03-29 17:01:37

Happy Healthy Retirees is an exciting online community dedicated to providing retirees access to leading edge advice, resources, and an interactive community to enjoy a happy, healthy, and stress free retirement.  


Nat Green, one of the founders of Happy Healthy Retirees, observed, “Large organizations like AARP sell membership cards that allow their members to receive discounts on goods and services purchased from companies selling everything from insurance to hamburgers.”

Green went on to say, “Happy Healthy Retirees is a website for retirees who want more than discounts.  We give our members access to information, resources and an interactive community that allows them to enjoy happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives in their retirement years.”

“Happy Healthy Retirees is not your parents’ retirement website.”

Today, there are approximately 47 million Americans who are 65 years old and older. The aging baby boomers will cause that number to double by 2030.

Happy Healthy Retirees found that the most common concerns among this group are:

  • The desire to be in better shape and have more energy to do more of the things that they enjoy.
  • Wishing they had more money left over at the end of the month, having the financial flexibility to travel more or contributing more to their grandchildren's college fund or causes in their local communities.
  • Being able to meet people who share their same hobbies and interests or even falling in love again.
  • Making a bigger impact on the world and leaving it in a better place.
  • Having better and more fulfilling relationships with family, friends or community.
  • Finding a place for interesting and helpful information online from trustworthy sources.
  • Accessing educational and entertaining information quickly and in one place.

Happy Healthy Retirees provides its members with a user friendly membership website and an interactive community of like-minded retirees where seniors can learn, grow, and enjoy their retirement.

Happy Healthy Retirees is a subscription membership website.

  • The standard membership fee is $10 per month, however, the membership fee will be reduced by 50% to $5 for new members who join by April 30th.  

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Website: https://www.happyhealthyretirees.com/

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