Galapagos - a new green “evolution” in luxury travel to Darwin’s islands

2019-03-27 12:05:22

Independent Galapagos cruise experts announce unique carbon neutral scheme Galapatours, the independent Galapagos cruise experts, have today announced a new sustainability scheme that sees all of its Galapagos cruise packages become 100% carbon neutral. The company, part of the German Ventura Travel Group, will now offset the carbon emissions from its customers’ flights to and from the Ecuadorian mainland and those of their cruise vessel. However, rather than merely trading “carbon credits” in the world market, Galapatours has decided on an offset project that’s close to their heart. Cruises with a conscience “By booking a naturalist cruise around Galapagos you are already choosing a greener option, thanks to the small size and lower emissions of most of the luxury vessels in the fleet,” said Benno Schmidt, Director of Galapatours. “But we wanted to do something more. Something that would not only benefit the climate but also benefit the people of South America. We love this part of the world, and that’s very close to our heart,” he added. From today, Galapatours will calculate the carbon emissions of all their cruise packages (including flights to and from the islands where booked) and offset 100% of the carbon with a unique Gold Standard climate protection programme in Chile. “We have partnered with, a climate protection company from Germany, who support us in carbon footprinting and certified carbon offsetting. Specifically, we work together with The Santa Marta Landfill Gas Capture project in southern Santiago de Chile, where gases captured from waste are used to produce environmentally friendly energy,” explained Schmidt. “Around 348,000 tonnes of CO2 are saved each year, and it’s a real win-win for everyone involved.” Clean energy from landfill gas Schmidt explained how the landfill captures leaking methane, a greenhouse gas that’s more than 20 times more harmful than carbon dioxide, and uses it as biogas to generate clean electricity. As well as offsetting the carbon of Galapatours’ customers once-in-a-lifetime luxury trips to the Galapagos it also provides clean energy and truly sustainable development for the people living near the site. “We love the fact that this project is also improving the immediate environment, land and water quality for the 1.2 million people who live within its catchment area,“ Schmidt said. “We’re proud to support such an amazing scheme and to allow our customers not only to offset the carbon emissions associated with their Galapagos adventure, but also to be able to positively impact the environment and lives of so many people in South America.” Visitors to can use the company’s exclusive Galapagos cruise search, comparison and booking portal to find the ideal trip for them from the entire fleet of vessels cruising the Galapagos, with everything from budget-friendly to luxurious first class options available. Helping the environment and improving lives When booking a Galapagos package through Galapatours, the carbon footprint of the whole trip is automatically calculated and is offset 100% through the Santa Marta project. For the first time, this allows travelers who are looking to visit the bucket list destination and “cradle of evolution” to do so with an environmentally clean conscience. “We know that many of our customers care deeply about the environmental impact of their travels, and we wanted to make it easy for them to make their trip carbon neutral - but we also wanted to do something that would have a real impact on people's lives,” Schmidt declared. “The Santa Marta Gold Standard climate project is the perfect fit for us and our ethos, and we’re delighted to be able to support this fantastic initiative through every trip we arrange.

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Galapatours is an independent Galapagos cruise specialist company founded in 2016 by Benno Schmidt and is part of the Ventura Travel group, who have been experts in travel to South and Central America since 2001. Galapatours operates a unique online portal, where visitors can search for their ideal Galapagos cruise by seeing availability, itineraries and prices for all the Galapagos cruise fleet. Because they do not use intermediaries, Galapatours can offer the best prices on Galapagos cruises, and guarantees to match or beat any other price for the same voyage. The Santa Marta Landfill Gas project is located in Santiago de Chile, Chile. The main social and environmental impacts of this project are renewable energy generation, reduction of greenhouse gases and generation of a positive effect on health and amenity in the local area. Specifically, the project: · Increases employment opportunities in the local area; · Uses clean and efficient technologies; · Optimizes the use of natural resources, avoids uncontrolled waste management. · Reduces fossil fuel consumption by using renewable energy resources.

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