A new innovation challenge aims to optimize high-mountain reservoirs in hydropower plants

2018-08-09 17:38:00

  • ennomotive, the leading open innovation platform for engineering challenges, just launched a competition to find alternative solutions to hydraulic dredging in the sediment removal process.

The accumulation of sediments is a common problem in reservoirs used in run-of-river hydroelectric plants. And the most common practice is to remove those sediments with a boat that sucks out the sediments from the bottom using hydraulic dredging. 

Leading companies in the power generation sector need to improve the efficiency of their infrastructures with a high commitment to protecting the environment and its natural resources.

The goal of this competition is to find a solution that maintains an active capacity of reservoirs above 70% during the entire year in run-of-river hydropower plants.

This online competition is open worldwide to any professional, student or Academia with a technical background in hydraulic works, water treatment, etc. that wants to propose a solution for this challenge. 

Ennomotive offers 19,000 USD in prizes for the solutions that best meet the requirements for this competition. Interested participants should sign up at www.ennomotive.com and submit their solution before 10th September.

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